Aluminium Clad steel wire

Project Description

ACS = (Aluminium Clad Steel) is a high strength steel wire with a thick aluminium coating.

Aluminium Clad Steel (“ACS”) wire consists of a central steel core with a layer of highconductivity aluminium extruded over it. The aluminium layer forms a seamless metallurgical tie with the steel wire to guarantee permanent bonding during rewinding and stranding.

The aluminium layer thickness is atleast 10% of the wire radius and approximately 25% of the cross-sectional area. Conductivity is proportional to the aluminium layer thickness. Conductivities ranging from 20% to 40% IACS are available.

Aluminium Clad Steel cable is well known for its combination of corrosion resistance, high strength and superior electrical conductivity. These properties make it an excellent choice either as overhead static wire (ground wire, “OPGW”) It can also be used as core in ACSR conductors.

Conductivity Tensile Strength
20.3% IACS 1,340 N/min2max.
27% IACS 1,080 N/min2max.
30% IACS 880 N/min2max.
40% IACS auf nachfrage 680 n/min2


ASTM B52 – 10

ASTM B52-10 (2007) ASTM Standard specification for Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire, Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reindorced.


This specification covers round, aluminum-clad steel core wire used for mechanical reinforcementin the manufacture of aluminum conductors, aluminum-clad steel reinforced. The base metal shall be steel produced by the openhearth, electric furnace, or basic-oxygen.


Item Tensile Strength Coefficient of Linear Expansion Modulus of Elasticity Applied Condustors
Galvanized INVER Wire 105~110 2.8 16,500 STACIR
Al-clad INVER Wire 105~110 3.7 15,500 STACIR/AW
High-Strength Al-clad Inver Wire 120~125 3.7 15,500 Hi-STACIR/AW


Advantages of ACS wire

  • Higher mechanical tensile strength
  • Higher continuous tensile strength
  • Higher conductivity
  • Reduction of performance losses
  • Less weight
  • Less sag
  • Retains strength


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